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Microsoft Update

Microsoft Update

You can keep your Microsoft Windows-based computer up to date using Microsoft Update (previously Windows Update). Microsoft Update is a free Internet service from Microsoft that helps you get the latest updates for your computer, including critical security updates, performance improvements, enhancements, updated hardware drivers and the latest versions of Windows features such as the Windows Media Player. Microsoft Update is an alternative to picking and choosing the updates you need for your particular computer and software from the large library of all available updates. Because the service can identify the correct updates for your particular hardware and software, Microsoft Update makes it much easier to make sure your computer has all the latest operating system improvements. You can use the Microsoft Update website to review, select and install all the latest updates for your computer whenever you like, helping you to ensure that your computer stays up to date and secure.

Computer users must get into the habit of regularly running Microsoft Update on their computer operating system. Doing this on a regular basis is a good method of taking care of bug-fixes and minimizing security vulnerabilities. Computers and software are the new tools of our trade and it is the responsibility of the user to maintain them. Taking a few minutes each week to ensure your operating system and software applications are up-to-date is a pretty cheap insurance against having your computer compromised.

Remember that Microsoft does not distribute updates or patches by e-mail. If you receive e-mail purporting to be from Microsoft, claiming to be a security update, it is almost certainly a virus.

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